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What kind of diamond is in taste of diamonds Champagne?
In the center of the tag is an 19-karat diamond, glittering against the gold-colored liquid that swirls inside the luxury bottle. The ‘Taste of Diamonds’ champagne proves that a splash of diamonds here or there can never go wrong; diamonds truly are a girl’s (or boy’s) best friend.
What is the taste of diamonds bottle?
The ‘Taste of Diamonds’ bottle’s design emulates a vintage style that can’t help but make the drinker feel nostalgic for happy-go-lucky eras like the roaring 20s. The bottle is engraved with the drinker’s name on 18-karat solid gold alongside an 18-karat white gold tag featuring the brand’s label.
Who is the designer of gout de diamant Champagne?
Luxury Champagne brand – Goût de Diamants recently announced entry into the champagne market launching its most expensive champagne designed by none other than the highly acclaimed luxury designer Alexander Amosu. The bottle has been custom-made for one of Goût de Diamant’s private clients.
How much is gout de diamant taste of diamonds?
Just like Amosu’s earlier creations that have oomph-ed the world, this unique bottle christened the “Taste of Diamonds”, is one of a kind. Of course, the pricing of Goût de Diamant’s Taste of Diamonds has piqued our interest; ranging at a whopping $1,829,000 (£1,200,000).

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