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As you’ve expected, there’s probably some big designer name behind it – and yes, there is: Alexander Amosu. It was specifically designed for the private clients of Goût de Diamants, and, as you’re probably thinking, it is indeed a one off. The pricing of such a piece is quite astonishing, as it’s the bottle itself – a mind-boggling £1.2 million ($1,829,000).

Champagne Goût de Diamants

Goût de Diamants for sale; This particular Champagne is likely to be the last bottle on earth because it is still fully sealed and not produced anymore.
The bottle is currently stored in a cool, dry and dark place in a special Champagne cabinet – designed to meet special standards.
Insiders know that this Champagne was exclusively produced for the German MTV Awards back in 2012.
The original tag (as seen in the photo) confirms that this bottle was presented by Shammi Shinh for the MTW Awards back in 2012. Goût de Diamants, the taste of Diamonds was first presented in 2013 for general selling on the market by British businessman Shammi Shinh, founder of Prodiguer Brands. This Champagne is the emblem of luxury, it is undoubtedly a product dedicated to a wealthy person who has chosen quality. The focus is on the majestic and captivating impact of a limited edition out of the ordinary destined to remain “alive” forever.
The Limited Edition of GDD was made by the luxury product developer and designer Alexander Amosu, and is equipped with a stylish label made of 18-carat gold with a flawless diamond. The traditional design of this product by Champagne GDD Chapuy has a Swarovski crystal.
It was nevertheless difficult to obtain due to low production numbers. Only a very small number of people were able to get their hands on it.

Goût de Diamants champagne for sale

The photos show the Champagne Goût Diamantes Chapuy, which is known as the traditional version. It is not the so-called Limited Edition.
Now who gave me this bottle? Well, it’s a secret. I had to give my word not to tell a word. All I can say is it was handed to me by a true friend of mine, who had been given this Champagne for providing extraordinary services to a famous celebrity.
The bottle was a gift from this famous celebrity who had sung at the MTV Awards in Germany. The celebrity had handed it over for the incredible support my friend had given her at the MTW Awards 2012 in Germany. Please respect the fact that we are unable to provide further details due to security reasons. Goût de Diamants for sale
The bottle has been validated by a famous German jewellery shop. The jeweller provided proof for the bottle’s genuineness due to its serial number: The bottle has a traditional Swarovski crystal as in the emblem.
Goût de Dimantes (GDD) bottles, which had been exclusively designed for the German MTV Awards back in 2012, have Swarovski crystals.
Last but not least the Champagne had won the “The Best Taste Award in 2012“.
Now, imagine holding this bottle in your own hands? Wouldn’t this be special? Well this is your chance! Contact us today for further details!
Unfortunately I am unable to provide links about the origin and offer further explanation of the Champagne due certain copyrights.


In conclusion, Taste of Diamonds Champagne is the most expensive champagne in the world and a true symbol of luxury.

The art of the bottle, with its beautiful Swarovski crystal and solid white gold label,

adds to the prestige and exclusivity of this limited edition champagne.

The taste is exceptional, with a smooth and rich texture and a delicate floral aftertaste. It is perfect for any special occasion and is sure to impress even the most discerning champagne connoisseurs. Taste of Diamonds Champagne is not just a drink; it is an experience,

a celebration of the finer things in life, and a testament to the human desire for excellence.


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